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My Tablet Journey

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I have a funny tablet journey that began about four years ago when I was given one as a gift. It was a Samsung galaxy tablet (7 inches). I fell in love with it and it went everywhere with me. I downloaded e-books, music videos, movies videos and documents in it. It was a boredom killer in boring meetings, slow days and waiting times.

Then one Sunday afternoon around 4.00 pm, I realised I had not seen the tablet all day. I searched the house, car and everywhere but I could not find my tablet. The last time I could remember using it was in the office the previous day. So I went to the office to continue the search for it. When I could not find it in the office, I thought maybe I left it behind and someone took it. After several protocols, I was given access to the company CCTV which showed me leaving the office with the tablet around 10.00 pm.

I remember I drove home straight from the office the previous day and went to bed. I did not leave bed till about 2.00 pm the next day and I lived alone. The only person that came into the house was the cleaning lady who swore she did not see the tablet. So somehow between leaving the office in my car and entering the house, I must have left the tablet somewhere – maybe on top of the car, or on the entrance of my house while I opened the door but I doubt the cleaning lady took it. So the tablet was lost less than six months after I got it.

Ten months later, while transiting through Amsterdam airport I bought a new tablet. This time a Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 inches. This was against the wishes of LH who felt I had too many gadgets and hence could easily misplace one without realising till it was too late.

Two months later on my way out of Nigeria to the UK via Paris, I had to pass airport security check. I emptied the contents of my backpack which included my new tablet, iPhone and blackberry. After the search, I thought I had packed everything and I left with my tablet in my hand. I went to a waiting room and intending to use the tablet only to see its battery was dead. Then someone approached me, “Hello, I think you left your iPhone at the security counter”. I murmured my thanks and ran to the counter to pick it.

I went back to another section of the waiting room to begin the long wait for my plane. A sixth sense kept telling me to check for all my gadgets in my bag but I ignored it till I arrived at Paris. I decided to just check my bag and stop my mind from nagging. I opened the bag and there was no tablet!

To be continued.


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