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Day 240 as a Mother

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For the last two months I seem to have been continuously on my feet and alert to prevent disasters of all sorts. It all began with my little cute face learning how to sit unsupported. Immediately he learnt how to sit, he started moving around. First moving backward (it was not exactly crawling but he was moving anyway). Then he got the hang of how to crawl and heaven came down.

He quickly learnt to stand supported by anything he could hold on to. For a few days he could stand but could not go back to his sitting position so he would cry to be assisted. Then one day as he was crying for me to assist him, he let go of what he was holding and fell on his butt. For a moment I stood still to watch his reaction, he did not seem to be hurt so I cheered him for sitting on his own. He soon perfected the act of sitting back.

He was now ready for the world. Nothing is safe and trust me child proofing is almost every minute. One minute he is playing with papers and tearing them, the next minute he is eating the paper. So I have to watch him as he tears his paper and quickly pick the pieces before he eats them. This applies to everything, one minute he is playing with it and the next he is chewing them.

As for toys, he seems to prefer items that are not really toys. The real toys has his attention for a few minutes and he is off to explore for his own “toys” which would be the kitchen napkin, the bin, bowls of any size, kitchen mop, chairs infact anything but his actual toys. He likes to touch so that includes trying to touch the tv, phone and tablet. After touching, if possible he gives the item a good shake. He could hold the item in one hand while using his other hand to hit it and finally strikes the item on the floor as much as he can.

We are having lots of separation anxiety which is really tasking as he wants to always keep me  in his line of vision. He has also seems to have noticed that tears can make him get his way. The combination of tears and separation anxiety is wearing me out as I am sometimes not sure where to draw the line and not give in to him. Honestly, he gets his way almost all the time.

He babbles but I cannot make out the words exactly. I keep reading and talking to him. I hope I hear a mama soon. Overall we are doing fine and I hope the separation anxiety ends soon.

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  1. I can relate with everything you have said. My babies just started calling me mama and I am loving it.

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    • so sweet, I cant wait to hear those words….


  2. Oh no, the separation anxiety is not good, both of my kids went through that phase and I remember it being a real nightmare, when you try to sneak away to get the dishes done and the screaming starts.
    I love this phase where they start to show more of an interest in the world around them, although you do have to stay alert now for a good few years, haha!

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    • At times sneaking away when he is watching Cbeebies works but after a while I hear him crawling to looking for me.


  3. Ha! My son’s fave toys are remote controls and boxes if tissues! The mobility thing is very scary, solidarity sister!

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  4. My toddler also had separation anxiety the other week, it seems to come and go! HOpefully yours gets better soon and thanks for linking up with #MMWBH xx

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    • Hopefully, it goes soon. Thanks for stopping by and hosting the linky.


  5. Both of my two little ones had separation anxiety really bad. Wouldn’t go to anyone and freaked if they weren’t with me. One day a week in nursery has really helped us and just being with other family members and not mommy solely all the time. So cute when they start hitting all the milestones. My little one only just starting walking! So cute. But I definitely need eyes in the back of my head now. lol Great post hun. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. It’s my first week back in the UK and my one year blog birthday so it’s very busy busy in the LTM household. I am hosting giveaways everyday this week so a bit behind on commenting. So sorry. #sharewithme


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