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Crazy times

Apologies, I got lost with some changes in life and had little time to blog, get on social media or relax.

I ended 2014 with some big moves which included moving house from my little English village to a big English city. It was all stress, stress and more stress. From getting a suitable house, packing, actual movement, ensuring my old place was left exactly the place I moved in ( deposit drama), unpacking and making the new house as close to a home as I could within days – in time for my little cute face first birthday party.

It was just crazy times. Did I mention that we moved few days to Christmas, my little cute face was one on Christmas Eve and his birthday party was on Christmas Day?

A friend who came over two days to Christmas to drop some items wondered if I could still pull off the birthday party. O yes, having been a workaholic for a long while, has it pecks and it involves “achieving the perceived impossible”.

Christmas Day came and it was a nice beautiful day for LH and I to celebrate the joy that JOOD had brought into our lives in the last one year with friends and family.

When by 2.00am everything was ready from house arranged (check), food (check), party decorations (check), party bags (check), birthday cake (check), camera man – camera, iPhone and iPad fully charged (check), celebrant, mum and grand mum ready ( check), dad ready??? ( finally checked) I finally could smile.

The party was nice and successful. It was time to continue evolving the house to the perfect home and try to enjoy the rest of the holiday despite having a lot of things to sort out.

We are settling down nicely in the city with JOOD transition from a village baby to a city toddler. I will do his update soonest, for now I have to get ready for my long commute to work!



1 Comment

  1. Hi dear,
    It’s been ages! How are you?
    And the little one?
    I miss you plenty, please keep us updated on the happenings with you.
    Do take care.


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