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First Month as a Working Mother

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Apologies that I have not blogged in a while. It’s like the twenty four hours of the day are not enough for me to get everything I need to get done.

Returning to work after a year of maternity leave was like a roller coaster ride. I just could not decide whether to put baby JOOD in nursery school or with a child minder. At first I thought a child minder would be best but I later fell in love with the more organised environment of a nursery school.

The first week at work was kind of exciting; lots of new faces, systems and processes to familiarise myself with. LH took a week’s leave to care for JOOD which made the transition easier for JOOD.

In the second and third week, JOOD spent two days a week with his Godmothers and the remaining three days in a nursery school. At the end of the two weeks, he had a cold and a nasty looking nappy rash.

The nursery school would not understand why changing my son’s nappy was so dramatic unlike his Godmothers who understood him and devised interesting technics to distract him while they changed his nappy. The nursery ended up avoiding nappy changes!

Infact JOOD and nursery with all its organised environment were definitely not ready for themselves. Fortunately by the third week, Grandma came to the rescue. So more people to pamper him and give him the tender loving care he demands.

As for me, returning to work was not as bad as I feared and I get to go to the toilet in the office alone. That is a luxury I thought I had lost forever!


Picture source; Babyworld



  1. Hahaaa!! Having some privacy for the toilet CANNOT be overemphasised! Quite annoying to hear about the nursery and nappy changing issue, especially as one pays extra for a nursery compared to a childminder! Definitely something to complain about if he’s still there as he’s getting rashes because of it! You’re paying good money for it! Hope he settles in eventually x


    • Grandma is helping for now and I will not be taking him back to the nursery till he is older…many thanks


      • Ohhh lucky you!!! 🙂


  2. I did write some crazy poem something titled “mothers, how do they do it?” or something to that effect. You´re the sound and unsound heroes, so you´re both! You have a double hero emblem. Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. I like how you write important things but in a light manner, because I did have to smile at your last sentence where you say you could go to the toilet and finally alone!

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    • Many thanks. Did you post the poem about mothers in your blog? I would love to see. Many thanks for your kind and nice words.


      • Been going through the blog right now, can´t see it or I just skipped it. It was quite some time ago, I´ll find it though. It´s with my usual ironic humour, which by the way comes from my mothers side.
        Maybe you too find it funny, plus it´s really an ode to mothers.


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