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Million reasons to be thankful!

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As my friends in the US celebrate Thanksgiving day, I took a few minutes to reflect about my life and wonder what I could be thankful about.

First thing first; I am alive. The fact that I was even ever alive to experience life with all its moments of; joy, happiness, success, disappointments, frustrations and love is a wonderful miracle and a gift to me.

Have you ever wondered about where/what you would have been if you were not born or what happens after life? OK I am probing too deep today.

I have many reasons to thankful to God; I am alive, I got family and friends as well as the greatest friend of all – Jesus. What more can I really ask for? Jesus took the wheels of my life and he directs me towards the right direction which might not always seem the best at the time to me but ends up being perfect at the end. At times, when I feel I can’t take any more, he carries me the rest of the journey. What a friend!

As usual I had a bucket list of items to achieve this year. Some have been achieved, some delayed while others may never be achieved. At the end, that is what makes life beautiful!

Bottom line, when there is life, there is hope and with hope you can dare to dream. So let me rephrase my earlier question, what can I not be thankful about? Absolutely nothing but I have millions of things to be thankful about.

Happy thanksgiving day everyone and may we continue to have things to be thankful for.

Picture Source : Gratitudehabitat


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