My little cute face

stories of my journey down motherhood lane

Office Christmas party


I was still on maternity leave when I was asked if I wanted to attend my office Christmas party. I had not attended any since I relocated as I missed the first one by two weeks while last year, I was too grumpy and close to my estimated due date (EDD) to be interested in party or dinner.

This year I decided it was time to attend and get a little groove back. So I accepted although I was not sure who would care for my little cute face ( I was hoping one of his God mother would help). Fast forward to the date of the Christmas party and my mum came to the rescue! Any way, I had a nice time unwinding with colleagues.



I had on these killer INC red snake skin sandals, Aldo clutch, Next little black dress, DKNY watch with my gold & silver earrings and bracelet. It was fun while it lasted ; I was a carefree single lady for a few hours with my adventurous spirits in full swing.

Back home now to my super mummy and wife duties as I prepare the family for our first formal Christmas dinner organised my our little village church later in the evening. Fingers crossed that it would be fun too with my little man having a nice time.




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