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Book review; The secret place by Tana French


Before I was a mummy, I was a workaholic. Before I was a workaholic, I was a book worm who loved reading. These days I hardly get the chance to read. I managed to read just one old Jackie Collins novel last year during my maternity leave as I waited for labour.

Since things have been fairly stable with my mummy duties, I joined Mumsnet’s book club and I was among the lucky 300 to get a copy of Lana French’s The secret place. The book arrived while I was away on holiday and I got it last week. I happily open the package to see a novel of 518 pages!

My heart leaped in fear. “When and how do I finish reading this book?” I wondered to myself. I do love crime thrillers but I am stale in the novel world with little knowledge of recent hot authors and their works. I decided to start reading after my little cute face’s bedtime.

After Baby JOOD’s bedtime routine, I settled in to read a few chapters and slowly begin my journey through the book. By the time I was at chapter four, it dawned on me there was no way I could go about my normal duties without finishing this book. I had become Detective Stephen Moran in St Kilda, a high brow English boarding school for girls. I was determined to solve a year old murder case which could be my ticket to my dream unit – Murder squad. I had to make it work with difficult Detective Antoinette Conway and find a way around Detective Frank – one of the suspect’s father.

The story was beautifully told, alternating between present day with detective Moran and events leading to the murder. It got my attention. Around 12 noon, I decided for the love of my son to have a quick nap to take me through the next day. I was up by 3.00 am and immediately attacked the novel again. I find it hard to leave a good book or movie unfinished – my big weakness.

I attended a girls only boarding school so I could identify with the eight school girls who were the prime suspects on their frighting but exciting journey to be women. I felt my heart beating faster with suspense as I went through the chapters hoping the murderer(s) would not be one of them. I was able to perform my morning routine and return to the novel with the zeal. I finally finished the novel later in the evening and I intend to repeat it again and again.

I highly recommend the novel to all crime thriller and novel fans, but be ready to be teased by Tana as she takes you through the minds of teenagers in this twenty first century.

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of The Secret Place by Mumsnet for review. However all the opinions are mine.



  1. wale olaleye

    Nice one. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joy

    You finished the 518 pages within a day? With baby duties and all, the book must have been interesting. Good for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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