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stories of my journey down motherhood lane



Bio: Mylittlecuteface is about the adventures, experiences and emotions I encounter as a first time mum to JOOD, my 2013 Christmas gift. I am Isabeeee, a Physicist turned chartered accountant based in the UK. I love movies, music, travelling and having a nice time where ever I find myself. I am a recovering workaholic whose motto was work hard and play hard. I am trying to be the best woman, wife and mum I can be!!! JOOD are the initials of mylittlecuteface. He arrived on Christmas eve and is such a big tall boy with dimples (gotten 99% from me). My lovely Hubby (LH) and I sometimes call him lopopo – please don’t ask what it means. Enjoy the adventures of lopopo, LH and I as we journey down motherhood lane. I really would love to get feedback so feel free to drop a line or more. I can also be contacted through

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  1. tonto

    Lopopo, lol

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  2. captain

    Nice to meet isabeeee

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  3. captain

    Nice to meet you isabeeee

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  4. Welcome to motherhood Isabee, my first child was a christmas gift as well, given to us on Christmas day of the year 2000. I assure you, you are going to have so much fun.

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    • Waoh that’s nice a senior Christmas baby!…..thank you very much…


  5. Omotola

    love ur posts dear….nice insights to motherhood. How is Baby Lopopo doing…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank dear. He is fine and right now trying to scratch out the leather sofa with his fingers…lol


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