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Baby’s Visit to Leicester

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Baby JOOD and I, visited some very good family friends in Leicester for a week to have a change of scene. Leicester is a city that I always have a nice time whenever I visit. I love the city for many reasons such as;

  • Its one of England oldest cities (I love English history). There are records of the city as far back as during the Roman Invasion, Anglo-Saxon and Vikings era, Domesday book (Medieval times) as well as the recent discover of King Richard III’s corpse under a car park (like I called, I love history both African and English). A walk through the town, gives me the feeling that I am walking through history with its interesting architecture which is a mix of the old and new.
  •  My family friends are very social, so they boost my social life a lot.They previously took me to my first annual Yam festival (I had never been to one even when I was in Nigeria). They hosted one of the best Nigerian “owambe” party I have attended in the UK.
  • My family friend are very good host and friends. I always get to learn new things in the area of food, parenting and all sorts. So we all regard Leicester as our home away from home..

The visit was fun as Baby JOOD got to interact with other kids and babies on a daily basis, lots of attention and I had a nice break. Coincidentally, he got his first cold during the visit which was good timing as I had lots of support in dealing with it. However the cold prevented us from exploring the city as I had planned.

Hopefully, there will be other visits to explore the city and taste some of the delicious curry Leicester is known for.




  1. Sounds like you had a good time. I live in Wales and have been to England a few times, but never to Leicester. It looks like a nice city though. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


  2. never been here but my family have and they enjoyed it, shall have to put it on my travel list! #binkylinky


  3. Leicester is a gorgeous town. We live in Birmingham so not too far, and go there once in a while for a mooch and change of scenery #binkylinky


    • That’s nice. Hoping I go to Birmingham soon. It’s on my list. Many thanks for visiting.



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