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Baby’s First Cold

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Baby JOOD’s cold started with a sneeze, then another sneeze and another. It was his first cold. Fortunately it happened when we visited Leicester and were among friends.

The sneezes rapidly progressed to include high temperature, cough, rashes on his face and blocked nose. Baby JOOD was in a sad state, I felt so bad. His nose was blocked with mucus and all sorts. He seemed to be breathing through his mouth. I was forced to try to suck the mucus out with my mouth (tale of a mother). He would not even let me near his nose, so I had to play hide n seek with him to distract him while I quickly sucked out the mucus.

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I took off his clothes so his temperature would come down as advised. I really wished I had the cold instead of my fragile little cute face. God bless his little heart, he looked so fragile in only his nappy. Previously, he always wore at least a body suit, T-shirt and pants, so stripped down to just his nappy made him look more fragile and delicate in my eyes. He was very clingy with lots of tears if I attempted to leave him.

We both got to enjoy lots of cuddles when he was not sleeping which was good as his cuddles can never be too much. A visit to the GP was not exactly productive. I was told by the pretty Nigerian Doctor we surprisingly met, to keep doing whatever I was doing that the cold will pass away on its own.

Finally after more than a week, the cold finally left. My little cute face was all smiles again but the nose took a longer time to clear. I know I should expect Baby JOOD to have about two cold a year but I rather he did not.



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