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Traditional Shopping Vs On-line shopping

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I love shopping! I love traditional (brick and mortar) shopping! It gives me joy and helps reduce my stress level when I go through the traditional routine.

Normally my shopping routine includes the planning stage where I take stock of what I need against what I have – like a gap analysis sort of thing. This might produce a list which I carry around mentality till I actually get to the store. The list would go through revisions, adjustments and additions.

Then I actually get ready and go shopping. My outfit has to suit the kind of shopping and the circumstances surrounding it. If I am shopping for groceries, I tend to be causally dressed.However if I am short of ideas in the office, I tend to use my lunch break to go shopping and clear my head in the process, then I would be formally dressed with my heels. If I am shopping for clothes (my best type of shopping), I wear clothes I can easily be in and out of. If I plan to go to into various stores (heavenly), then I have to wear very comfortable shoes. So you see, all these planning keeps me so busy and excited that I tend to forget my problems.

At the store, I can carefully select the items I want. Most items I buy on-line, tend to be very disappointing when I get them. I love to feel the texture of my clothes and be sure the clothes will suit my body shape perfectly by highlighting my best features while camouflaging my imperfections. The most recent mishap was a blue summer dress I ordered on-line after seeing it look so good on the model. When it was delivered, I cringed when I felt the material’s texture. Then the fit was a very big miss, no way would I have bought it in the store. I had to return the dress.

After an afternoon spent shopping and feeling good, I stop for tea at a cafe. Lol, I love my shopping routine! LH always gets very tired after shopping with me but it energies and lifts my spirit. Luckily so far, I can take my little cute face with me for both my monthly groceries shopping and any other shopping.

I know on-line shopping is the next best thing after sliced toast bread but to me,it will never provide the fulfilment traditional shopping gives me. I tend to use on-line shopping only when I am buying standard items I have already used previously or have researched properly and I don’t have all the necessary resources required  to get the item through traditional shopping.

So what’s is your take, which do you prefer?


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  1. Online shopping for me any day maam,


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