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First treat or trick!


It was the first Halloween celebration for most of us and we decided to make the best of it. Us comprised of JOOD, Grandma and myself. JOOD went as a leopard while Grandma and I went as ourselves (cheeky us).

Okay it was truthfully more of a night stroll round our little village to see the halloween costumes and decoration of others. It was an interesting walk that lasted about two hours and we were entertained. Last year halloween, I had stayed indoors sleeping with my big stomach while this year I was kind of partaking in it. That is progress and next year I may have to actually do a treat or trick with an actual Halloween costume.


We all enjoyed the walk and sights of our little English village. We saw lots of skeletons, a bride, magician, devils and all sorts. We cant wait for christmas.



First Month as a Working Mother

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Apologies that I have not blogged in a while. It’s like the twenty four hours of the day are not enough for me to get everything I need to get done.

Returning to work after a year of maternity leave was like a roller coaster ride. I just could not decide whether to put baby JOOD in nursery school or with a child minder. At first I thought a child minder would be best but I later fell in love with the more organised environment of a nursery school.

The first week at work was kind of exciting; lots of new faces, systems and processes to familiarise myself with. LH took a week’s leave to care for JOOD which made the transition easier for JOOD.

In the second and third week, JOOD spent two days a week with his Godmothers and the remaining three days in a nursery school. At the end of the two weeks, he had a cold and a nasty looking nappy rash.

The nursery school would not understand why changing my son’s nappy was so dramatic unlike his Godmothers who understood him and devised interesting technics to distract him while they changed his nappy. The nursery ended up avoiding nappy changes!

Infact JOOD and nursery with all its organised environment were definitely not ready for themselves. Fortunately by the third week, Grandma came to the rescue. So more people to pamper him and give him the tender loving care he demands.

As for me, returning to work was not as bad as I feared and I get to go to the toilet in the office alone. That is a luxury I thought I had lost forever!


Picture source; Babyworld

My Little cute face is Eleven months!

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My little man is eleven months. Looking back it appears time has flown by although It did not feel like that daily. Some days felt like it could not get any worst, then something worst would happen. I would wonder how my mother and other mothers managed this “motherhood/parenting” stuff ? Like Whitney Houston sang “I did not know my own strength!”

Baby JOOD is now ready to be promoted to only “JOOD”, he is fast outgrowing the baby word. Its exciting seeing how he has grown. He is still an explorer, continuously looking for new things to discover and conquer. Nothing is safe from him; he can climb in and out of my bed and the sofa. He can stand on his toes and stretch to take items from the bathtub,toilet and dinning table. He loves opening drawers and making a mess of anything he can lay his hands on including clothes. He is the best paper shredder I have ever seen!

Last week, he stood up backing me then suddenly turned to face me and took about five unaided steps. I screamed and clapped to encourage him but the noise was too much for him and he fell. Days later, he shocked my mum when she suddenly saw him walking into the kitchen with his hands open wide. She shouted in joy but alas he fell after about five steps. He seems to fall when we cheer him so we try to curtail our cheers when he suddenly takes his unaided steps. He is still trying to get the hang of walking unaided. He walks fines with his walker and toy truckers.

Did I say he loves to climb? He wants to climb everything so he can reach the wonderful world above him. The other day  I saw him trying to raise his legs so he could climb into the bath tub. Days later, my mum saw one of his leg on the tub. He has also discovered the toilet roll and how to get some, which means he pulls the roll till it gets empty.  So now we are too scared to allow him into the bathroom.

I really thank God for his goodness, mercy and grace so far. It’s been him at the wheel all the way. I really love my adventurous explorer!

Picture source; Chronozoom