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Pampers Active Fit review


Just as I was preparing to return to work after about one year of maternity leave, Mumsnet selected me along with a few others to review Pampers active fit under a project called Britain’s driest nappy.

Pampers was the first disposable nappy brand I got to know as a kid back in Nigeria. It must have been the advert jingle which contained the words; “your child is not pampered till he uses pampers”! that got my attention and I really believed it for a long time.

So as a first time mother, the first packs of nappy I bought and used were all pampers. However with time, economic reasons and life’s various drama I started using a store brand during the day and pampers ( simply dry) at night time.

I was happy to get a free pack of pampers active fit to review as I knew it would be a good product. During the two weeks I used the nappy, I did not have to worry about leaks of any sorts and I was not disappointed with the overall quality of the nappy.

pampers 2

My little cute face is a very active explorer who hates having his nappy changed. This makes it difficult for others to change his nappy regularly and with active fit I was comfortable that he could still be as active as he wants without wetting his clothes ( not that this is an excuse for his minders not to change his nappy as at when due).

Sadly my review pack is finished and I really did enjoy using it. Will I start using pampers active fit permanently? For economic reasons I will go back to my old brand – simply dry but I would occasionally buy active fit for special occasions. When I win the lottery, then it would be active fit all the way to prove my Baby JOOD is definitely pampered!

Disclaimer: I was sent a free pack of Pampers Active Fit by Mumsnet for review. However all the opinions expressed above are mine.


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