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Nappy brands review

leaking nappy

With so many nappy brands available, getting a good nappy for my little cute face that meets all my demands- cheap and of good quality was a long journey.

Let me start with my worst buy. It just has to be boots nappy. Really what are they thinking? It leaks and not once in a while but anytime its soiled. I saw a review on their nappy on a friend’s blog and I actually commented. Yet when I was away on holiday, I went into boots to buy baby supplies and ended up buying two packs!!

Two packs! I must have really lost it when I bought them. I regained my mind in the evening when Baby JOOD had a bowel movement which leaked and migrated to all his clothes within minutes. Unfortunately I had to use up the 2 packs but I still shrivel when I remember the nappy. The most painful thing is that it is not the cheapest nappy brand I have bought so far. I don’t get why the quality is so poor and it is my worst nappy experience without any competition.

My best value for money will be Mamia from Aldi. It’s cheap and yet of fairly good quality. But I try not to use it for nighttime as it does tend to leak after six hours use. So effectively it’s my day time nappy brand. It is the cheapest nappy brand I have bought and I don’t think I will be going for any other brand cheaper than this.

Pampers is obviously one of the leading brand for good reason. I have used the simply dry, baby dry and active fit at various times. For economic reasons I find the simply dry my favourite. It’s my night time brand. No leaks, cheap and easily available in most stores unlike store brands where you can only get at that particular store.

For now, I don’t think I will be going out of my nappy comfort zone so its either Aldi or pampers as I can’t bear a repeat of leaking nappy nightmare!




  1. Kim Carberry

    Years ago when my two were in nappies I had no problems with the one’s from Boots….We actually preferred them over Huggies and Pampers…..I heard they have changed how they were made though…..


    • They definitely have changed for the worst!


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