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Controlled crying sleep technique

controlled crying sleep technique

Baby JOOD had interesting sleeping habits which I initially encouraged but knew were not sustainable. He had to be rocked to sleep, held throughout the duration of the sleep and screamed the moment you tried to leave him.It got so bad that we were co-sleeping even for short naps.

During Baby JOOD eight months review, the health visitor advised I break the habit before I resumed work and gave me lots of helpful tips. To cut the story short, I needed to set baby routines and follow them through. Setting the routines was easy,the tough part was getting Baby JOOD to follow the routine.

Controlled crying sleep technique is a quick way to get babies to settle into sleep routines quickly. It’s not for the faint hearted! I had read about it a while ago but did not want to use it because I felt it was kind of brutal. After trying other techniques unsuccessfully , I decided to use it.

I repeat it, this routine is definitely not for the faint hearted. The main advantage of it is that within a week (hopefully) a baby could  get use to the routine while main disadvantage is that you feel like a monster that has betrayed an innocent baby’s trust.

Day one was a nightmare. I established the sleep routine which constituted of a bottle of warm milk, a bath, a bedtime story and then placing baby on his cot with his singing cot mobile. Cute right? But no sooner had I laid him on the bed, was he up again crying. Probably wondering what was wrong with me. Had I forgotten he likes to be rocked and placed on my chest throughout the night?

As recommended in controlled crying technique, I gently explained that it was bedtime, he had to sleep and we will resume play the next day. I left him for the longest 1 minute of my life. He was crying, probably wondering why bad mummy had left him in his horrible cot. I prayed my neighbours would not wonder what I was doing to my baby. I had to try and distract myself.

After 1 minute, I went back to calm and lay him down again. I was to leave him to soothe himself to sleep and this entailed me allowing him to cry for intervals after which I soothed him in a minute without picking him up from the cot. He finally slept after about 30 minutes.

The next day, he slept within 10 minutes which was a much welcomed progress as my strength to bear his cries was very weak. On the third day, Baby JOOD had a cracked voice from continuous crying. I felt horrible and knew there was no way I was going to allow my baby cry even for a second more.

Mercifully, he was already yawning when I dressed him for bed and slept off the moment he was on the cot. God knew I would have gone back to co-sleeping than allow Baby JOOD cry again with a cracked voice. The next day was a success too and within a week our sleep routine was established.

If you are considering controlled crying routine, you have to be ready to really feel guilty of betraying your innocent baby’s trust and the worst monster!



  1. I didn’t do CCing, I did PUPD which is meant to be more gentle but actually takes longer. It’s so important for parents to have sleep, it’s underestimated how important this is for parents to be good parents.


    • Yes so true! I tend to get cranky when I have not slept well in weeks. Many thanks for stopping by.


  2. I did a bit of controlled crying with my older son, and found it incredibly hard. I’m very glad my younger son has settled nicely into a sleep routine all by himself – I really don’t think I could do it again! I’m glad it worked for you and Baby JOOD has settled into a routine!


  3. Personally I don’t like the idea of controlled crying and would never do that with my children. I am a firm believer that Children cry for a reason, so would never leave them upset. My youngest slept through the night from 10 weeks on his own accord, but partly because I had him in a routine. My eldest however didn’t sleep through until 3! *yawn*

    However that said, parents must do what they believe is right for their kids, and what isn’t for one could be the perfect way for another

    I hope baby JOOD continues to sleep well for you and you get some much needed sleep.

    Thanks for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

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  4. Controlled crying is not new, and it’s not cruel either. Oh wait, yes, it is very, very hard on the mother who sits outside a child’s bedroom waiting for the child to fall asleep. That’s the only cruel bit.
    That said, controlled crying should never exceed 10 to 20 minutes. If it goes beyond, something else may be wrong.
    I used controlled crying (it had no name then) in the early 1980s to change the sleep patterns of a daughter who wanted to play all night. It took three nights, and that was it! She’s still a great sleeper, an easy-going person and everything else wonderful.

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