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Last day as a SAHM

mother going to work, baby crying

I have been so busy for the last one month, trying to sort things before I resumed work. I had no idea that there will so much to do.

I had to find the best childcare option which sounds easy on paper but in reality is draining and is a long process. There was the need to establish baby routines for sleeping and feeding. Bad habits had to be broken or reduced to a manageable level.

I wish I did not have to return to work. The last one year has been the first career break I have had and now it’s time to dust my shoes. I am sad that I will miss some of Baby JOOD’s milestones but I hope I can make it up in the evenings and weekends.

I will blog every now and again. I still have lots of reviews, baby recipes and stories to share. Cheers got to go enjoy my last day with Baby JOOD!



  1. Mercy

    It’s tough going back to work. I like the cartoon, you should draw more in your posts. Good luck with returning to work.


    • Many thanks, I have not drawn in a long while. just did this to entertain Baby JOOD. Will do more going forward. Many thanks for dropping by Mercy.


  2. I’m sure you enjoyed every minute of it too! I know what you mean about finding the right nursery! It can be be a real pain then the settling in periods, goodness! All the best going back to work and hope you settle back in in no time! x


    • Many thanks, we seem to have survived the first week. The


  3. Love the cartoon – what a talent you have there. Have you thought about ‘selling’ that talent?


    • Many thanks, did not know it could be sold. Lol, I better start thinking and looking outside the box.


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