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My Tablet Journey (2)

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I checked all the sections of my backpack to be sure the tablet was not in my bag. Then like a lunatic, I used the downward escalator to get back on the plane. I must have looked a sight as I struggled to get back up. In the plane, I hoped that somehow the tablet had fallen out of the zipped backpack and had not been picked by anyone.

The air hostess helped me to search the now empty plane but there was no tablet. They advised I contact KLM office at London. The journey from Paris to London was blurred as I upset with myself.

The lady next to me on the plane had to ask me if I was alright as I kept murmuring to myself. I narrated how I had carelessly misplaced two tablets. It was not really the tablet that got me so worked up but what I could infer from it. If I could not hold on to a tablet for more than four months, how do I take care of a baby? How do I face LH who was against my getting the second tablet in the first place?

At London, I finally brought up the tablet story during dinner in a restaurant. I waited till LH was through with his dinner and very relaxed. He took it well and almost succeeded in not saying “I told you so”. We both agreed that going forward, I would have to cut the number of gadgets I had.

There was not much KLM or the Nigerian Airports could do as I must have left it in the waiting area when I went to pick the iPhone.

The misplaced tablets made me scared of the kind of mother I would be. I imagined leaving my baby in the store, house or at school while I was distracted by other things. I still have those fears and have put steps in place to prevent it from happening.

Five months after my little cute face was born, I was given a tablet as a gift again. This time it was an iPad, and it felt like it was a sign that I have earned it. Learning from past experience, I leave it at home so I don’t get overwhelmed when I am with Baby JOOD.

Picture source: African-sweetheart



  1. Trust me, you’re not the only one who had/has fears of leaving their child in strange places! When I was still pregnant with AJ I dreamt I left her at home (alone) and went to work – it was a nightmare! Also, I’m the same with my ipad so really don’t take it out of the house or if I must, out of the car, when madam’s using it! I find I’m able to do most things with my phone now so that’s a plus too!

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  2. Thanks Tola, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can hold upto the ipad for more than a year. lol


  3. I chain my tablet to my hip. lol 😉


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