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Let the flow stop

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After over seven months of breastfeeding Baby JOOD combined with infant formular milk, I felt it was time to stop breastfeeding. As advised, I discussed with my Health visitor who was comfortable with the idea since Baby JOOD was taking solid food very well and about 500 ml of his infant milk drink daily.

I had reduced his breastfeeding to only at nights since he was six months old. I just had to make sure he was taking enough food during the day and hopefully he did not miss the night treats. I suspect the night treats became more for comfort and soothing than hunger. To be fair, I was the one waking him up most times for a feed as it was a routine I was use to.

I observed him for a week and discovered that he really did not need the extra milk at night. When he woke up, he was quick to go back to sleep after some cuddles without the milk. My baby could actually sleep through the night without feeding, hurray. A major milestone for both of us.

That left me to deal with my sore breast. Experts advised I could be sore for one or two weeks. I had no idea how long just a day would be until operation “let the flow stop” commenced. I have to literally hold myself so I did not dive Baby JOOD and offer to breastfeed him. I tried massaging with hot water to get a little relief and when that did not work I tried with very cold water.

Nay, water massage was not going to solve this problem. Carrying and keeping up with Baby JOOD was difficult as I was seriously sore. It was now obvious that two weeks was going to be very long and painful. Fortunately for me, God smiled at me and after three very, very, very long days and nights the soreness left.

It was fun breastfeeding especially in the early days after I overcame my shyness to breastfeed in public places. However when Baby JOOD became alert, it became necessary to only breastfeed him at home as he was fond of stopping to look around and exposing me when feeding. The flowing business is over till next time in the not so distance future.



  1. Ah, the end of breastfeeding! I felt a bit sad when I stopped – but also a bit relieved I could finally wear clothes that weren’t chosen specifically for breastfeeding convenience!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

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    • You just summarised the emotions I felt too . Thanks for stopping by.


    • You just summarised the emotions I felt too . Thanks for stopping by.


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