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Goodbye Summer 2014


Yesterday confirmed what I have been suspecting for a while. Summer seems to have gone! It has taken with it all its benefits I love.

I took a long walk yesterday with my little cute face to the library for his baby bounce sessions. I have not been out for a walk for two weeks as it seems to rain almost everyday in my village. So with yesterday forecast showing no rain, I decided to brave a walk. It was a cold  day and honestly, I am not sure I will be repeating it soon.

So this is me ranting about the end of my best and most enjoyed summer which was too short (time flies when you are having fun).

Good bye summer

Good bye simple causal summer wears

Good bye my legs and toes, I guess I will only be seeing you in the bathroom soon. So no need having my toe nails painted with cheerful nail colours if they are going to be covered all day and night.

Good bye cold drinks, I cant risk getting a cold which gives me severe backache or chest pains

Goodbye long walks which formed my calming, therapeutic and fitness routine.

So welcome lots of hot teas, lots of layering, increased energy bills and reduced outings. Boring.

Picture source; motivatorscompanyblog



  1. I know what you mean…I don’t like this chillier weather. It’s like summer is over already. September is often sunny, so let’s hope that trend continues this year. #weekendbloghop


    • This chill weather is just good for hot drinks, lots of warm clothes and watching movies all cuddled up. lol


  2. I am looking forward to winter kind of. I didn’t experience the last one cos of my babies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Are you for real? hahaha, I have already gotten a taste of autumn with a cold! Nay…


  3. come back summer. It’s so cold here but there is no way I’m putting the heating on in Aug


    • I may have to put in my heater as I woke up today with a cold despite the warm clothes I have been wearing. So sad.


      • Oh no. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed for no colds here as I started using the NasalGuard cold&flu block this weekend

        Liked by 1 person

      • Many Thanks


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