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Week’s Baby Food Recipe; Potatoes and Okra Medley


The other day I was shopping for Baby JOOD and as I read the ingredients in most of the puree, I wondered if these were not things I could prepare myself and in the process infuse Nigerian ingredients into the food. I had a long discussion with my health visitor and I came up with a couple of ideas.

So every now and then, expect a food recipe suitable for weaning a baby which I tried and tested. I will always work with the below food chart and try to include as much nutrition type as I can.

images (9)

For this week I present Potatoes and Okra medley.


Two medium sized Irish potatoes

**Two medium fingers of okra

Handful of mixed pepper (finely diced)

Handful of mixed vegetable contain peas, carrot, garden beans (finely diced)

Half a medium sized onions (diced)

Two Table spoon of ground crayfish or Table spoon of tuna fish (get the one in spring water)

Two Table spoon of baked beans (reduced salt and sugar) or cooked cow-peas

A teaspoon of sunflower oil

Baby organic stock cubes (optional)

Handful of spinach (optional)

Mixed Herbs (Oregano, parsley, basil )



1. Peel and  wash the potatoes. Dice into little cubes and drain. Put the diced potatoes in a cooking pan, add two litres of water, cover  and place on the cooker.

2. Allow to boil for fifteen minutes. Add the stock cubes, onions and okra. The onions will prevent the okra from having a slippery texture.

3. Allow to boil for two minutes and add the mixed vegetable, sunflower oil, spinach , mixed herbs and mixed pepper. Remember the vegetables have to be very soft for a seven months old baby to chew.

4. When the vegetables are soft enough (about five minutes). Remove from the cooker. Add the baked beans and tuna then stir.

5. Use the back of a spoon to mash such that there are still lumps. If baby is not old yet enough for lump, then blend to puree when it cool.

6. Serve baby with a bottle of his usual milk and batch the rest in little containers or covered ice containers in the freezer.

I got six 180g batches from this recipe for Baby Jood. He found it very yummy and went through it quickly.

**Okra is also known as ladies’ fingers or gumbo. It is very nutritious with high fibre content, vitamin C, calicum and pottasium.




  1. Sounds yummy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love okra! The Cubans call it “quimbombo” (probably some sort of corruption of the original African word) and cook with it a lot. We also use it in our gumbo (seafood and rice dish) down here in the South or just bread it and fry it (surprise surprise)


    • Yeah, I recently came across a recipe using okra for seafood and rice. It’s on my to do list as I love seafood, rice n okra. So the meal should be heavenly, lol.


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