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Baby Essential Items; Bumbo Baby Seat


I first saw Bumbo baby seats in the baby section during a stay and play session. It took me several visits to realise they were baby seats and safe for baby use. I fell in love with them and luckily LH had gotten one for Baby JOOD even before his birth.

It helps babies sit upright when they can support their head and neck. Baby JOOD, LH and I loved it as it was low enough for Baby JOOD  to interact with his surrounding ; pick things from the floor, give our legs the occasional rubs and tickles.

It was light, so I could move it around easily. I would be in the kitchen doing chores and Baby JOOD would be by my side sitted in it.  It was also his first weaning seat although ours did not have a tray. I later found out the tray came as a separate accessory which could be purchased and easily fixed . LH and I sat on the floor besides him in his bumbo seat to watch Cbeebees together, play, read stories to him or feed him. Its foam-like material made it very easy to clean.

Poor Bumbo was abandoned the day Baby JOOD was able to sit unsupported, but it played a very important role during its short usage.  I rank it a 4 out of 5 just because of the short period of time it was useful to me.





  1. We also love ours for when we are traveling (can use as booster seat or bath seat)


    • Yes, its such a versatile seat.


  2. Kim Carberry

    I had one for my youngest…..I can’t remember them being around when my eldest was small enough to use one….They are fantastic things!


    • yes, they sure are. Many thanks for stopping by.


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