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Week’s Mom Humour


Using two hands to do a task is a luxury for any mother, in fact doing only one task a time is even a bigger luxury! Most times, I am changing Baby JOOD’s nappy with one hand and my other hand is trying to stop him from handling the soiled nappy or chewing the changing mat. I am feeding him with one hand while my other hand is trying to prevent Baby JOOD from dipping his hands into the food to change the feeding time to messy play. The list is endless.

I am fast becoming an expert in doing things I thought I needed do with two hands. Like typing this blog post and holding Baby JOOD securely so he is not up to any mischief or crying games. lol

How do you fare in the one hand routine?




  1. Sasha

    Haha, this is SO true!! When out in public I am often asked if I need assistance when someone sees me with my two toddlers and whatever else we are dragging along. I always respond, “No, thank you, I am fine.” I realize I truly I am fine, for I have become an expert in this thing. 🙂


    • Lol, you are a true super mom. Motherhood sure makes one stronger.


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