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Baby’s first solid food

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LH and I agreed that Baby JOOD will not be weaned till he was six months as we were not sure how his system would take it. When Baby JOOD was eighteen weeks old, he kept getting hungry. Based on the advise of a fellow mother I met at a play group, I brought Heinz Rusk biscuit to add to his milk. LH was scared that it could affect Baby JOOD negatively as things have been fairly stable after colic, reflux and heart murmur scare. So I agreed to wait till Baby JOOD was six months before giving him anything apart from milk.

By week twenty, I was at a loss on how to fill him as milk was not enough for him. I remember sitting on the floor on a particular day at 11.30 am, looking helpless at JOOD who was crying after having about three bottles of milk. As I stood up to make another bottle of milk, I heard the postman drop my letters through the post box and I decide to pick the letters with JOOD to distract him from crying.

Among my letters was a parcel from HIPP organic which contained some hipp baby food vouchers, baby plastic spoon and the star gift of  a HIPP pouch (4+) apple & baby rice. At that moment, I read it as a sign that it was time to wean JOOD!


I battled to give him half of the food pouch immediately. It was not easy as he kept spitting it out when trying to eat it. He tried in eating half of the pouch despite the initial funny face. JOOD ate the remaining portion of the food about three hours later. Unfortunately, I did not realise he needed lots of water until he started grasping his stomach and pooing continuously. I was scared that his stomach could not handle the food. I gave him cooled boiled water and watched him. He was soon up and about as usual.

The next day, I watched him for signs of stomach upset but there were none. Hurray! Two days after the first trial, I rushed to Boots to redeem the HIPP vouchers by purchasing more of HIPP baby food. That was the beginning of Baby JOOD’s weaning journey.


Picture source: HIPP Organic



  1. Mercy

    That’s nice …. JOOD begins solid food.

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  2. It’s a roller coaster of emotions when you don’t expect it. I thought weening would be easy but there are times where you find yourself at a loss. You’ll get there. You’re doing a great job.


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    • Many thanks. Weaning requires lots of patience and JOOD has a very funny expression when you give him something for the first


  3. Awwwww bless him! Hunger is a bad thing oh! Lol! Well done mummy!

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  4. Aw how lovely! It’s such a confusing time knowing what to do for the best, but you know your child best and sounds like you’re doing an amazing job! 🙂
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays…

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  5. Ali

    We are at that stage now too. Lola is 6 months at loves the pureed fruit and veg pouches, I still feel like she feeds too much from me still, its hard to know whether it is just for comfort! good luck with it all. xx

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  6. My baby has just turned 4 months so I’m starting to think about weaning (although she’s def not ready yet) so this was really interesting. Thanks for sharing. #weeklylinky


  7. I found baby rice, porridge and rusks mashed with their milk great starter foods, not as hard on the tummy. It’s a fun time trying new things 🙂 #weeklylinky


    • It sure is fun! I love planning his Thanks for stopping by


  8. Wonderful article! I wish I had your insight on this issue and could write as nicely as you. I trust many people have the chance to enjoy this great content.:)



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