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360 Transformation update


Everyone has what motivates them to achieve their set goals. The top two factors that motivated me to loose weight and  start my latest personal project were ;

1. Before people start thinking I am pregnant again because of my big stomach bump. They will probably first ask how old my child is (most likely in a very polite tone, that will not make me suspect the direction their questions are going). When I tell them he is less than one year old, they might look at the bump again to silently ask if you have not heard of contraceptive or family planning?

The bold ones might actually say that was quick! Others might wonder why I did not get my “stomach pressed or tied” after delivery to reduce it. Well,not that its any of their business or an excuse for them to be rude but I better prevent the whole drama.

2. When I see or remember all the pretty clothes that are now too small for “my new size”. Especially dresses that I am yet to wear to a special occasion or worn only once. Nay, they must not go to waste!

So far so good, my project is going on fine and is still on track. It has made me very fit and agile. The offensive bump is gone, I can now wear some of my pre- pregnancy clothes but I am yet to meet my weight loss target of 10 kg.

images (2)

To motivate myself and celebrate my progress, I went shopping for some new dresses and tops. My summer just offically began! Watch out, if you see a pretty tall lady with hot long legs in a bright summer dress or shorts, it just might be me.


Picture source: DHgate



  1. We’ve all been there! I am still trying to get rid of 6kg.
    Good luck to meet your target and keep going!


    • Many thanks for your good wishes and stopping by. Cheers


  2. Amy

    Well done you! I am seriously trying to lose my baby weight (4 months later!) #MummyMonday

    Amy @


    • Lol, mine is almost seven months after. Its so hard to loose and so easy to gain. Not fair….Thanks for stopping by


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