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Baby bounce and Rhyme


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While having lunch with a friend at our town centre, I was informed that the town’s library organises baby bounce and rhyme every Thursday morning.  The timing of 11.00 am was not particularly favourable, so I shoved it off.

One faithful morning, I decided to try the baby bounce. It was basically thirty minutes of singing, dancing, bouncing the babies to various cool nursery rhythms,ii. It was very participative, lively and stimulating for Baby JOOD and I . We loved it!

So we are now regulars at the baby bounce and rhyme sessions after which we stroll round the town centre and have a cup of tea (Baby JOOD has his milk or yogurt) . LH teases me that I seem to enjoy it more than Baby JOOD.


The above picture was taken during “spider rhymes ” like Itsy Bitsy spider, here is a spider etc where this white net with web designs are placed above the babies as we sing and tickle them.

I really want to make the most of my maternity leave to bond with him in the early days before I return to the corporate world. So far so good, Its been wonderful doing stay n plays on Mondays and baby bounce on Thursdays. I have gotten to know my lovely, charming and cute little son.

Picture source :Libraries sa



  1. Aww this looks adorable! I never took my son to anything like this but I wish I had


    • I am sure you found other interesting ways for both of you to relax. Many thanks for dropping by.


  2. This looks like a BRILLIANT idea! I really should check out my local libraries for things like this, especially in the summer holidays so Carson can go read whilst I join in with Finley!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #babybabble this week. It’s live again tomorrow, hope to see you back for more fab posts!


    • Yes you should. Most local libraries provide a lot of activities for babies, toddlers and youth to encourage reading. Many tanks for hosting and I look forward to joining.


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