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Baby’s day in sensory room

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A sensory room is a special, quiet space with a range of stimulating equipment to help children with their sensory development. They usually have different features ranging from soft relaxing areas to interactive equipment all specially designed to support children through the early stages of learning. One of the children centre close to my house has one which can be booked for an hour or more.

I was allowed into the sensory room when Baby JOOD was about five weeks old to feed him. It looked lovely and relaxing. The room had bubble columns, special lighting, music equipment with different relaxing music and stories, mirror balls with spot light, electronic audiovisual stimulation and other colourful lights. So I promised to take Baby JOOD back for some proper relaxation and learning.

A day at sensory room

When Baby JOOD was about fifteen weeks, a friend and I booked the sensory room. We spent the afternoon in the room with our little cute faces. The babies loved the bubble columns the most. When they were not crying as usual, they stared at it. We, the mothers tried to relax too although we were not too successful.

A day at a sensory room

I think Baby JOOD is due for another visit to the sensory room, to stimulate his sensory development. Also maybe its time I create a sensory room in the house for an afternoon time-out with Baby JOOD (DIY things).



  1. looks so relaxing in there!!!


    • It was. Need to go back soon. Thanks for stopping at our blog.


  2. Damien loves his bubble tube (as do I lol)
    Looks a fab place x


  3. It looks really calm and relaxing there, so lovely 🙂


  4. Kim Carberry

    Oh wow! That does look so relaxing! What a lovely place x


  5. This looks so relaxing and calm, I want to go there

    Thank you for linking up


    • I am sure you would be relaxed in there. Thank you for hosting and dropping by.


  6. They look amazing. I would want one in our house too if that’s possible =) #mysundayphoto


    • Thanks for dropping by #mysundayphoto


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