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Day 120 as a mother

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One hundred and twenty days is equivalent to about four months. So hurray I have been a mother for four months!  Four month of  bliss, four months of total radical changes in my lifestyle, four months of being a super hero to my little cute face, four months of being a Director of Operations and Chief Inspector of Poo.

In the last two months, Baby JOOD has grown into a chatty cute face. He keeps giving me beautiful and wonderful smiles that just melts me. When I think I am at my breaking point, he awards me with one of his smiles showing his toothless mouth. His smiles fuels me up and I feel very empowered to conquer!

In terms of baby milestones, we are doing well with Baby JOOD babbling away and reaching out for his toys. One of his biggest success in month four, has been his ability to wear his shoes for a whole day.  For reasons best known to Baby JOOD, he hates wearing shoes and prefers to eat  play with his shoes, toes or socks.

We have a free-style routine which we are currently comfortable with but would need to be improved on soon.  Baby JOOD goes to bed any time between 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm and wakes up for a feed every two hours.  I recently learnt how to position myself on my bed such that Baby JOOD can feed and sleep off while I sleep throughout. Its a winning position strategy for Baby JOOD and I but LH hates it.

We have used both unorthodox and conventional methods to deal with his reflux. His weight gain has been closely monitored and is back on track.  We happily look forward to six months so we start the weaning process and other new adventures.

Picture source: Parents dish


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