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Baby JOOD’s first train ride

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Our little family was privileged to be invited to Wrexham in Wales to attend a baby naming ceremony. I have never been to Wrexham despite the fact that it’s just about an hour drive from my village. Lovely Hubby (LH) was busy so could not go with JOOD and I. I decided to use the train so JOOD could experience his first train ride and we could bond.

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The train ride was nice. Lots of countryside farms on the route which had cattle,sheep and horse grazing on the fields. JOOD started crying almost immediately we got on the train. “Mummy, mummy! he must have cried in his heavenly language. “Please don’t be selfish and keep all the sights to yourself! I want to see too”. I took him out of his carry cot and carried him, so he could see. He keep looking at the fields, the animals and the passengers. He was so excited.

As usual, the passengers especially the old ladies were charmed by him. They commented that he was a beautiful baby, very alert for his age, he is a nosey one,he has a cute smile and the likes. He is always quick to reward their compliments with a charming smile. He is just a lady charmer!

We were picked from Wrexham train station by our host. We got to meet the new baby boy. The ceremony was successful with the baby named AO and we were served delicious Nigerian cuisine like moimoi, jollof rice and fried rice. After all the excitement of the day, JOOD slept most of the journey back home. I love giving JOOD his first experiences.



  1. This sounds like a lovely little outing! I can see why everyone was charmed by your cutie!! You can’t be far from me..I’m in Chester 🙂 Laura #WeekendBlogHop xx


    • lol, I am in Northwich. Thats cool, we are quite close ….


  2. Sounds a nice day out. Everyone loves a cute baby. I’ve had some lovely cuddles with my niece today. Miss that time with mine now. #weekendbloghop

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes they do and he loves the attention.


  3. This sounds like a fab outing. My little one was a lady charmer too and at 3 he still loves the ladies!! :)x #sharewithme

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a lovely day and good to be at a social event. Many thanks for stopping by.


  4. The Nigerian food sounds so good – yum!
    I’ve never been to a naming ceremony before but I’m sure it was a lovely celebration.

    He really does sound like a little charmer xx


    Liked by 1 person

    • yea yummy food. Many thanks for dropping by.


  5. Ahhh what a great day out and sounds like he is a little charmer! Everyone loves a cute baby helps when traveling. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me love the photos. #sharewithme


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