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Baby essential items; Baby travel system

bebe confort

Getting a good travel system was something I battled with for a long time. There were so many different brands, models and types. When I say travel system I refer to buggy, pram ,walker, pushchair etc. As a new mum-to-be, I could not figure the difference between them. I just wanted something I could use to safely transport my baby and show him the countryside I love so much. I tried to discuss with some experienced mums but they all had different types with each of them having at least two!  They gave different recommendations and advice, I ended up getting more confused. The internet was no better so I did not get any before JOOD was born.

A good friend of mine who has been like a granny to JOOD, advised I buy from our village market. That way I could physically compare the various options. She graciously offered to drive and assist me in picking one. After much deliberations I went for bebe confort travel system which she paid for. I selected it because it had a bright colour – white , could be set so baby could be forward or rear facing, I did not have to buy another car seat and was relatively easy to assembly or fold.


The carry cot was very cute. Baby JOOD had many nice memories and sleep in it. When Baby JOOD was four months, we started using the pushchair as he likes to have a good view of happenings around him. I always set the carry cot/pushchair facing me so he can see me and his surroundings at the same time.


However it is not all rosy as the both the carry cot and pushchair are bulky. When I travelled with it, it was very stressful trying to push it with one hand while my other hand pulled my box. The next time I travelled, I used my baby carrier instead to avoid the drama. Also the shopping basket could be bigger as it never contains all my shopping. The rain cover has to be zipped to the hood which is very inconvenient. I have the rain cover permanently fixed to reduce the stress of zipping and unzipping carefully!

Despite some of its pitfall, I have enjoyed all the components of this travel system and I still plan to use it for at least the next couple of months. I will always cherish the walks the travel system made possible between Baby JOOD, LH and I. I rank it a 3.5 out of 5.



  1. Friend’s of mine felt that the carry cot of the BebeConfort is quite small. Before transitioning to the pushchair, they had to use the car seat as their baby did not fit in the carry cot anymore ..but overall it looks like a nice stroller, especially in white 🙂

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    • Bebe Confort’s carry cot is one of the biggest I have seen so far. Her baby must be quite big lol. Many thanks for stopping by.


  2. It’s a lovely looking pram. It can be hard to know where to start when it’s your first baby, there are so many on the market!

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    • So many. I could have picked the worst one,thankfully its not that bad.


  3. kiddyreviews

    I’m sure every first time mum has the same experience when choosing a travel system. It’s a big market! Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreview

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    • It is a big market. Thanks for having me over at #britmumsreview and stopping over.


  4. Looks like a decent travel system, I really struggled to find one which suited me. In teh end went for an iCandy cherry.

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    • Icandy looks very nice. Many thanks for stopping by.


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