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A peek into the interesting life of a twin mum


Life as a twin mum is a bit of a rollercoaster, very tiring, challenging, expensive but very entertaining and satisfying. I am still learning on the job, everyday there is something new to learn and share. Our bundles of joy arrived some months ago and have completely changed our lives for the better. It is a whole new world for me, very tiring but very fulfilling and I won’t change any of it for the world.

At 3 months, I am starting to get them on a routine. They have just started sleeping through the night which is great, I give them their last bottle at 6pm, bath and put them to bed for 7pm. I wake them for a dream feed at 11pm and then they sleep till morning most nights. Also, they are gradually growing out of the colic phase which is a sweet relief, Aptamil comfort milk and Colief which have worked wonderfully for them but cost a fortune when you buy them every week, will soon be a thing of the past hopefully.

The annoying bit is the stupid comments/questions some people make like, “Are they twins?” “Were they natural?” “Is that a Boy and a Girl?” Are they identical?” “Double trouble” “You got your hands full”. I can go on and on. I just smile and carry on; most people are just fascinated by twins which is understandable. You don’t get to see twins everyday but some comments are just too intrusive or plain rude.


On the other hand, the best part of being a twin mum is getting double of everything, double cuddles, double kisses, double smiles and also double tears. I am so proud of my babies. They make me so happy. I love dressing them up in their cute outfits, I love the stares we get when out and about, I love seeing people check me out and wonder how little me popped them both out and I love watching them sleep. I am looking forward to watching them grow right in front of my eyes.


**Guest blogger Stella is a fashionista who runs a fashion, style and beauty blog – and is the proud mother of Babies N and N.




  1. Yes Yes Yes.

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  2. Izzy

    Woah, Stella you are truely blessed! I love twins and want them to love me back by entering my womb.
    I loved the part where you said you get double of everything! So sweet.

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  3. Awwwwww bless they are so cute! Stella, you are a very strong and blessed woman! Well done and keep up the great work! x

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  4. Abrielle's Mummy

    LOL @ the part of stupid questions/comments like is that a boy & a girl? And I bet dey wud be wearing blue & pink when dey asked d question & duh Naomi’s ears are pierced, abi dem no dey see? hahahaha. seriously U do a wonderful job ore & truth be told I’m surprised “little u” hehehe can handle d task. God is ur strength gurl. Nice post!

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  5. Thanks everyone. @Abrielle’s mummy, I know, I keep surprising myself everyday. Motherhood strengthens you I guess.

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  6. Oh this is lovely, you sound so settled with them. My twins are six months now and I remember started to feel like we were getting there around 3 months, as soon as they start to sleep through it gets easier. I know what you mean about the formula, costs a fortune! They are so beautiful, lovely picture of them snuggled up together. #sharewithme

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  7. Ahhh love this and what a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous twins!!! I have always always wanted twins. Yes it is fascinating but people shouldn’t be so intrusive and rude on the comments and questions. I get the are they twins on my 1 and 2 1/2 yeard old. I think they are twice the size difference no they aren’t twins hahaha But that’s about as much as I can relate. Lovely post though and thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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  8. normaleverydaylifeblog

    How sweet! They’re adorable! I have ten year old twin girls and can totally relate to you on the twin comments. They’re off to summer camp today. They chose to dress absolutely identically today because the other kids want to see if they can tell them apart! You have lots of fun ahead of you! #sharewithme

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  9. Oh they are beautiful! And well done you for getting such a fab routine so early on! None of mine were like that til well after 6 months! x x x

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    • Mine neither, JOOD likes breaking anything that sounds or looks like a routine. lol


  10. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.

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  11. They are so beautiful ! It must be a handful with twins but so rewarding too 🙂 #sharewithme

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