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360 degree Transformation


This July I started a new personal project which I call 360 degrees transformation. This project is a revamped version of a similar project I did two years ago and aims to get me back on track on a lot of things. Its 360 degree because its a complete transformation which targets improvement in my spiritual life, physical appearance, weight, fitness and attitude.

So I have made lots of changes and they include ;

1. One hour with God every morning with my Bible and Soul food for mum.

2. Forty Minutes with Shaun T (insanity workout) doing insane exercise routines in the morning. At least one hour a week with Penny Lancaster (Hotlegs workout).

insanity                                  penny

3. Loose all the bad feeding habits I acquired in the last trimester of my pregnancy and the first half of this year. So out goes fried food like chips and Dodo (fried ripe plantain). Also cheese, cake, ice-cream, full cream milk and all other high calories snacks. In comes fruits, vegetables and low calories healthy food.

4. No meal after 6.00 pm.

5. Reinforcement of my beauty regimen with the addition of bio oil to my body and facial care products. Also strictly following the regimen without excuses!

bio oil

These are the components of my project. The projected results includes a closer relationship with God, loss of at least 10kg in weight, ability to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes of size 12 and a well toned body. Good luck to me!










  1. dayo amzat

    Sally, isnt the biggest transformation supposed to be this blog and all it represents? When compared to those work-work balance life we used to have?

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol, you have reminded me of my previous life, where I am coming from.
      True that was my biggest transformation which is why I said I wrote my re-definition -

      Also recall I said this is a revamped version of an earlier project. The initial 360 project set the ground to get my new life, work-life balance and ultimately my re-definition.
      many thanks for visiting…hope you are enjoying the blog.



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