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Reflux saga…


My little cute face – Baby JOOD, has reflux which is frustrating for him and I. His recently discovered poor weight gain has placed lots of external pressure on me as all alarm bells were sent ringing after our eight week review. We now have loads of appointments for at least the next one month to see the Health Visitor, GP and Child specialist in the hospital.

The GP prescribed infant Gaviscon which I am to mix with his milk. I was given a large amount which should last for about three months. The Gaviscon helps to thicken Baby JOOD’s milk and enable it remain in his stomach with less regurgitation. Breastfeeding has become a nightmare for two reasons; I can not add the Gaviscon to it except if I express it first (double work for me) and I had no time to even express as I had to feed him more frequently.

I ran to my chief advisor – Mr internet on tips to battle reflux and ensure Baby JOOD could get back on his projected growth rate. I got lots of tips like –

  • Burp/wind your baby before, during and after feeding. This does not work most times, as Baby JOOD ends up vomiting all the feed instead of burping air. So I try to wait for about 20 minutes before winding him. This is not funny at nights.
  • Sit baby upright during feeding and for half an hour after. This helped and was practical during the day but at night, well lets just say its not funny either.
  • Avoid over-feeding and feed smaller amounts more frequently.
  • Ensure baby’s clothes/nappies aren’t too tight. I tried this and ended up making his nappy loose such that his clothes and beds got wet! This is a tricky one, still mastering the art.
  • I was tempted to change his baby milk from Aptamil Comfort to Aptamil Anti-reflux but I am scared his colic would start again.
  • Lay baby head higher then his body. Now this I do only during the day by placing his head on a pillow and well within my sight.
  • Stack loads of bibs. Baby JOOD is now perpetually wearing a bib.

So far so good, we are equipped to conquer reflux as we did colic.

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  1. I feel your pain. My son is now 4 but for the first year of his life reflux was an absolute nightmare, he had it really badly and was sick so much! We did keep on top of it with various meds and techniques, though. Hope you find something that works for you


    • It such a nightmare really. Thanks for the well wishes and stopping by.


  2. Oh gosh. Hope you find a method that works. I didn’t have this problem with either of mine, so can’t offer any tips #weekendbloghop


    • Thanks dear….. the GP assured me he will grow out of it so fingers crossed.


  3. I have reflux from Crohn’s and I am a grown up. It probably really sucks for kids, I am glad my daughters don’t have it yet. I hope yours gets better soon!


    • He has outgrown it, thankfully. Many thanks for dropping by.


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