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Baby essential items; Baby Rocker



My plan was to buy a baby swing but for economic and logistic reasons I went for fisher price Infant-to-toddler rocker. I bought it from Argos for £50 and it was a decision I did not regret.

The chair is light so I can easily move it around the rooms in my house, so my cute little face – Baby JOOD can always be with me. Its also easy to clean which is very important because of Baby JOOD’s reflux which stains everything these days. It was on this rocker that Baby JOOD met most of his early milestones like cooing, babbling, grasping items, discovery of his fingers and toes. Lots of sleep happened in it too and I love any item that can help Baby JOOD sleep.

These days, the chair has lost its place as Baby JOOD’s favourite chair because Lovely Hubby (LH) and I are trying to teach him how to sit and crawl. It however remains the chair of last resort when every other item fails to calm him.

We call the rocker Baby JOOD’s king seat with its colourful frog, butterfly and other insects; his loyal subjects. I love my baby rocker and rank it 5 out of 5.



  1. Those chairs are life savers.


  2. kiddyreviews

    It’s always great to have something that instantly soothes baby. Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews


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