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Eight weeks Review


I got a letter from my GP advising me the date of my eight week postnatal review. The review which would cover my little cute face (Baby JOOD) and I, is the first review we will have at our GP surgery .

Since things had been fairly stable, I went into my GP surgery with confidence and my prepared questions. The first sign all was not as good as I hoped was when the nurse stripped Baby JOOD to weight him. The last time the Health Visitor came around, she said he was putting on weight nicely. Now three weeks later, no increase in weight.

LH and I went back to the reception to wait for the GP to call us. It was a long wait yet less than five minutes! We were finally told to go to the GP’s room. The GP, a pretty young doctor warmly ushered us in. After the necessary formalities, she proceeded to do a full medical examination on Baby JOOD. I told her about his recent vomiting and how I had been doing things like keeping him upright for about thirty minutes after feeding him to reduce it.

She told us that Baby JOOD had reflux (Gastro-oesophagus reflux) which was the cause of his constant vomiting. She went further to explain that his lack of weight gain could be as a result of two things – the reflux and ……..


…To be continued

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  1. I’m glad that the GP discovered the Reflux this early. A friend of mine had the same problems with her baby but none of the doctors wanted to listen to her. They found out about the Reflux only at 5 months and she felt aweful for her baby. Good luck to you and your precious one!!


    • That must have been nasty for both her baby and her. Many thanks for stopping by.



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