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Book review – Soul Food for Mums


I usually have at least one daily devotional to aid my daily communication and prayer to God. They tend to prevent me from getting lazy spiritually. Its very important to me that I feed my soul as well as my body.

Weeks after Baby JOOD was born, I hardly had time for any thing due to sleep deprivation. Previously, I rarely sleep during the day unless I had little sleep at night. After nights of little sleep, I was almost sleep walking during the day.  My schedules were messed up from trying to catch up on sleep anytime it was possible. My spiritually life was suffering badly.

Lady B came to visit me during this period and must have seen how exhausted I was. She had just ordered soul food for mums for herself but felt I needed it more since her Little Treasure was almost one year old. So she sent me the devotional.

It was God sent. Firstly the devotional was written by Lucinda van der Hart and Anna France-Williams – two mothers who knew where I was coming from, my current position and where I was going to. They understood all the guilt I felt for not having time or strength to communicate with God.

Secondly, its a weekly devotional so I was not pressured.  I could use it on Monday night when comforting Baby JOOD and remediate on it on Wednesday when I was having a hot bath to help me keep my sanity. Thirdly, lots of experienced mothers shared their experiences which were honest and open so I could relate to them.

It was a big source of encouragement to me. I recommend “Soul food for mums” to new Christian mothers. You can combine it with your regular devotional and your bible. I rank it a 5 out of 5.





  1. Still reading my copy. Loving it.

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