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Walking in her shoes…

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I had reason to meet two pregnant ladies – Mabel and Jane. They were both in their first trimester and always seemed to be in a foul mood. I was newly introduced to Jane and it tainted my impression of her. I avoided her after she was rude to me several times and we never got a chance to make it up after that.

I finally understood why Jane always seemed to be in a foul mood when I had to walk  in her shoes. For the first five months of my pregnancy, all I just wanted to do was to crawl into a cave like a bear and hibernate till my estimated due date. I wanted to be left alone to sleep  in my little corner; be it in the office or in my house.

The high point of my foul mood must have been when I actually told a colleague that he was disturbing me and I wanted to be left alone. He looked very embarrassed as it happened in our open office with all our colleagues present. After that I was politely avoided, with whispers that I must be pregnant.

It made me realise why those ladies must have been so short tempered and moody. Goosh, I could not retain any food or fluid and was severely sick. I had little energy for things like chatting or even standing! Looking back now, I feel it was all part of God’s plan to prepare me for my motherhood journey. He wanted me to go through fire for refinement like gold.

How was your pregnancy journey? Please share.



  1. Izzy

    I was lucky, just sick for a few mornings and I was okay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Izzy, you are among the lucky ones


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