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Day 50 as a Mother

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Fifty days is just about seven weeks, time has really flown by. In about eight days, Baby JOOD and I are scheduled to meet  the GP for our eight week health review.

Its been an interesting journey so far, its been by God’s grace. Lots of learning and experimentation done within a short space of time. The first major battle was with colic. I used the simeticone prescribed by my GP and there was no improvement. I also tried feeding Baby JOOD sitting upright so he does not take in air, giving him warm baths, massages with different exotic oils, white noise (my hair dryer burnt out from supplying this and I now use the vacuum cleaner or washing machine), changed my bottles to anti-colic ones and rocking him.

I became a night rider; taking walks at night with Baby JOOD in his pram or driving round my village with Baby Jood in his car seat hoping he will finally get relief and sleep off long enough for me to get at least one hour rest at night. When he was two months, I could finally give him gripe water. I also changed my milk for the third time to Aptamil comfort milk which was indeed the final solution. Baby and I had finally defeated colic.

It was time to rest I thought, then Baby JOOD kept getting sick after minutes of feeding him. It looks like reflux. Kind of frustrating feeding him only to repeat it minutes later. Apart from that, we are both comfortable and look forward to our GP review.

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  1. Mercy

    Rest ke, you just started my sister… But God’s grace is sufficient for the task ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Izzy

    Time moves fast when you are having fun….goodluck with the GP review and remember to mention the reflux.

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  3. Well done Mummy! Keep up the good work! Thankfully we never had colic but I’ve heard horror stories about it! Its scars me big time!


    • Woah lucky you!!! Hope by God’s grace, next baby will be colic free.


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