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Stay and play



In my little English village, I have about seven children centres within a two mile radius from my house. Most of them organise  stay and play sessions where children can play and interact with other children, parents and carers get information and socialise with other parents and most importantly provide a reason to leave the house.

I took Baby JOOD to his first stay and play when he was just about six weeks old because I was getting bored of staying home and most of  my friends kept advising and recommending I try them. Baby JOOD was the youngest baby there and did not play much as he could not even grasp any object yet. There were lots of toys which gave me ideas for my next baby shopping. We both enjoyed the 15 minutes nursery rhymes which was used to end the session.

I had a nice time as it was comforting to see other babies and mothers. We intend to attend more stay and plays sessions as well as other children-friendly sessions.

If you have attended a stay and play session, what did you enjoy the most?



  1. Izzy

    I love the socialising it offers both my kids and me….lol

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  2. I don’t enjoy it.

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