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Constipation tales


I had severe constipation after Baby JOOD was born and it was not a walk down the park.  I noticed it even before I was discharged from the hospital. The doctors and midwives advised I drink lots of water despite all my complains.

Back home, after several days of taking lots of water, tea and different types of assorted pepper soup it did not get better. My complains to my health visitor when she came over to visit me, led to the same advice; drink lots of water. At some point I started suspecting my health visitor that  her remedy for everything is lots of water!!!

Things got very nasty one Sunday weeks after baby JOOB’s delivery that I had to go my local Tesco Pharmacy. I was given glycerin suppositories which on any other occasion I would have rejected because of its mode of application. With the turn of events I could hardly sit or afford to choose which drug(s) to take, I just needed relief.

The drug was a life saver and I used it for several days. During my eight week post natal review, my GP finally gave me something for the constipation – Compound Macrogol which I dissolved in water once daily.
Constipation is very common among pregnant and new mothers, so watch out and take lots of water, fibre, fruits and nuts.

Picture Source: To your health


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  1. Mercy

    Hahaha, most likely if you had increased your fluid intake it would not have led to your taking drugs…..

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