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Our first separation…..

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I had to buy Baby JOOD’s travel system in my village market, weeks after he was born with a friend of mine. The plan was to leave Baby Jood with LH (Lovely Hubby) while I got some free time doing what makes me (and 99% of women) happy- shopping!

I had mixed feelings as baby and I till this moment, had never been separated since his birth. I knew Baby JOOD would be comfortable with LH and LH would try his best. However, I wondered how LH would cope if Baby JOOD showed him his other side – not the smiling, happy and calm baby he appeared to be.

Since I am the primary carer, I get to see Baby JOOD’s other side more. Don’t get me wrong, the other side I refer to there are the funny but patience tasking things Baby JOOD does. I suppose they are normal baby behaviour like – pooing when you are bathing him (there was a day he actually poo four times in the duration of the bath!), pooing when you just changed his nappy, crying for some cuddles, crying because well he is a baby etc. When he does them, I am like – o no!! When I complain to LH later, he laughs – I suppose they are funny retrospectively. So I was secretly and openly hoping LH will get a little taste of them so they will not be so funny to him any more.

I left the house that bright Saturday afternoon as planned. It was nice to be out after more than a month indoors with very few outings. We visited about three market stalls and after about an hour, I finally saw the travel system that met most of my requirements  – beautiful, baby-facing me and cheap . I kept glancing at my phone expecting it to ring till my friend told me to relax that LH and Baby JOOD were having fun.

I returned home with my new travel system to meet a smiling LH, proclaiming he had the magic touch, my plans did not work and would never work. Baby JOOD had been nice to him and slept throughout. He didn’t even notice my absence….lol.

LH finally got to meet the not-so-funny side in subsequent trips and now he admits there is never a dull moment with Baby JOOD.


Picture source: Famfound



  1. Matt

    Yes, fathers always have magic touches, my daughter refers to stay with me anyday

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  1. Baby essential items; Baby travel system | My little cute face

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