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Baby websites ; Are they useful to you?

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There is a popular saying these days – “make the internet your friend” and the internet is definitely one of my best friends. It provides me with prompt advice, news, latest gossip and information at my finger tips.

When I got pregnant, books like Emma’s diary helped a lot but the internet was my best friend!!! I could be working hard to deliver a tight deadline at work but would still have a quick glance at any pregnancy related site I could find to confirm my bump and I were still on track.

Various Baby websites have been very useful to me in caring for my little cute face, like baby centre, HIPP baby club etc. I just love their weekly updates which they send to my email address. The updates tells me what to expect from Baby Jood, the games I can play with him and the hot issues I might face at that milestone.

Sadly the golden wisdom of our Nigerians mothers are difficult to come by on the internet. I mean those timeless traditions that were used centuries ago and still work to this day.

So I got a question for you, do you find baby websites useful to you?



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  1. Anonymous

    Experienced mothers first, health books, health visitors, internet, baby sites and my local knowledge.


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