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In my dream

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Baby JOOD my son, I had a dream last night. In my dream I purchased a return ticket to Nigeria for you, LH and I. I was not scared to disclose to all our family, friends and acquaintances when we would be arriving and our full itinerary. When we arrived in Nigeria we got pass immigration and baggage claim in less than an hour. We got our trolley free of charge and met lots of smiling attendants who attended to us promptly. They were very professional and did not expect any gift (or bribe) from us. Outside the airport, we met our family and started the journey to the hotel. The roads were free of traffic, road blocks or police endless checkpoints for collection of money or checking documents that doesn’t concern them. I did not have any of those fears I usually have that makes me scared of coming home to Nigeria.

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I took you round to meet everyone and you were in your element – smiling at every sight. Granddad proclaimed you were a strong man and pointed out the family features you inherited. Grandma danced with you; calling you names I can’t pronounce. Aunties and uncles took you out with them freely so you could experience the Nigerian scenery and I did not panic you would be kidnapped for ransom or rituals for 2015 elections.

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In my dream, we spent about a month in Nigeria and returned to the UK with even more money than we left. Yes, it was a nice dream till you woke me up to feed you!




  1. Sweet dream. Lol.

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  2. issy

    Lol… So u don’t want family to eat abi? Sort them o….hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ogho

    Proper dream o. Naija ke? No egunje? No fear of kidnapping? Ha

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