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Where is your owner manual?


When I get new items like the latest tablet, phone or even home appliances I always tend to glance casually at the manual. This gives me an idea of how complex the item might be. I prefer to learn more about the item as I use it however if in the course of using the item I experience difficulties then I consult the manual. Many at times, my manual outlives the products they are meant for.

So my “little cute face” how come you – my most complex and precious “jewel of inestimable value” does not have a manual? How can I know what I did wrong or should have done to prevent you from crying?

How can I know why you suddenly start crying in the middle of the night? You refuse food so you are not hungry, your nappy is clean, and your body temperature is normal, no outward sign of physical harm and no sign of hazard around your cot. Are you crying because you miss me, my smell and my cuddles? Or was it just a case of where are these two people and how come they are not fussing over me?


I can’t wait for you to be able to walk and talk, so my guessing games and trial by error days will be over!

Picture Source: Wikihow, Afranko



  1. Ohh, these moments are awful! They do end, thankfully. We’re still in them with our youngest and I’m rather looking forward to them being over. Hang in there!

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    • Thanks dear, it is so funny at times….


  2. ogho

    Most annoying time ever. Sometimes after doing all I can think of I will stop and be looking at her like a mumu because I hav no idea what to do next. Then next thing she will just turn around and go back 2 sleep like nothing happened. Smh

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