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My Baby essential items; The Baby Carrier


Initially I didn’t plan on buying a baby carrier as I felt it would not be used much since I have already gotten a car seat and a pram with a baby carry cot.

However I changed my mind when I watched an advert showing a dad using a baby carrier as he did some manly house chores and I imagined LH with Baby JOOD on a carrier bonding while I did other things (cool dream).

So at the last minute I dragged LH for a suitable baby carrier. After many deliberations we choose babystart from Argos which we got at £19.

The carrier was a lifesaver! It was lovely seeing LH and Baby JOOD bonding with it. My favourite memory of this baby carrier was one night when Baby JOOD could not sleep because of colic pains. I had done all I could to make him stop crying and sleep, so decided to carry him on the carrier while I got his baby carry cot ready for a walk through the block at about 3.00 am.

I suddenly realised that he had stopped crying and was actually sleeping. I slowly walked to a sofa and quietly laid down with him still in the carrier. We both slept for about two hours uninterrupted. I felt like a traveller who has been struck in a desert for about a week without water and finally offered a glass of water!

After that incident, I used it a lot to keep him close to me when I did things around the house and short walks. The carrier was a real life saver and I happily rank it a 5/5 in my baby essential items.



  1. I wouldn’t be without my ergo either! Mine is more a practicality with two kids – I can’t get a load of groceries, a baby and a rebellious toddler up three flights of stairs without it. I use mine every day.


    • Lol, its really handy but i dont envy you carrying two kids and the groceries up the stairs



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