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My Baby essential items; Moses Basket


My Claire de Lune Moses basket was among the first set of baby items I bought because I just love seeing new born babies in it. I and my LH set it three days before my due date and I was really excited and couldn’t wait to have my baby in it. It looks very cosy and intimate for babies unlike baby cot which appears big and scary compared to their size of babies at birth.

When baby JOOD finally arrived home I couldn’t wait to lay him on his elegant and stylish Claire de Lune Moses basket. The lightness of this product meant that at night, I could easily lift the basket out of it’s stand with the baby asleep in it and place the basket in his cot in bedroom so I did not have to wake him when we were going to the bedroom. The Light brown and white colour of the Claire de Lune Moses basket made it easy to match well with other items in the house such as my brown leather sofa, black TV set and TV stand, cream carpet and black framed fire place. Its solid, tiny and well structure wooden base is designed in such a way that it occupies less space in the living room where I kept it.

The Claire de Lune Moses basket is appropriately sized thus making it suitable for babies from birth up to 7months. Coming at a price of £35 for such quality and elegance the Claire de Lune Moses basket is an absolute bargain. Surely 5/5.



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