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My Baby essential items; Car seat


I earlier said that my baby car seat was one of the first baby items I bought but never got to test till I had to use it at the hospital (check the post here).

The fisher-price car seat came in very handy for calming Baby JOOD. Initially he slept off in the car seat once the car was in motion. As JOOD grew older by the day and became more inquisitive, the Fisher- Price car seat enabled him see his surroundings without any form of obstruction associated with other types of car seats.  Baby JOOD was always comfortable in it and the car seat calmed him down as we drove around town.

Also when I am too tired to set up his pram and possibly wake him up, I leave him in the car seat for short walks. Baby JOOD had a good number of sleeps in his car seat. Based on durability, value for money and baby comfort I would rank the Fisher-Price 5/5 in my baby essential items.


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