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The cord


LH and I, sometimes teased ourselves with what will happen in the labour room; how I will scream and shout while he will most likely faint from the sight of blood. Somehow we did not talk about the umbilical cord and the ceremony of cutting it.

When Baby Jood finally arrived, I really cannot remember much of what happened after but I knew we were asked if LH would want to cut the cord as my cutting it was totalling out of the question. I can still remember his face when he was asked – confused, tensed and excited. The doctor must have sensed the sudden tension and offered to cut it himself, which he did.

The cord stump fell off about ten days after and LH would not allow me bin it. It remained in the sitting room for about a week with me asking everyday if I should dispose it.

LH finally moved it to the last drawer of Baby Jood chest where it remains till date. I suspect whatever remains of it will be one of the first things he will pack when next we visit Nigeria to ensure Baby Jood has a root there. Lol

Image source; acwf

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