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Day 25 as a mother


I had to confirm from the calendar that it is just twenty five days since Baby Jood was born and I became a mom. Honestly it seems like a long time ago.

My life so far has been different. At times I just admire my little cute face and thank God for his wonderful gift and blessing. At night when I need to feed or soothe him and I am so tired, I remember he is the gift I looked forward to having for a long time.  That thought gives me the needed strength to stand up and reach for him.

For the past twenty five days I have hardly stepped out and seem only to do baby related duties as I was under strict doctors’ orders to take it extremely slow.

Baby Jood still sleeps more during the day than at night, so I try to work with his clock while I try some few tricks to enable him know that night is meant for sleeping. These tricks include opening the windows during the day to bring in daylight, dress him in day clothes during the day and sleeping suit at night, making the bedroom very dark at night and try to reduce my interaction with him at night (not doing so well with this last one so far).

Apart from the lack of sleep and wishing Baby Jood will stop having colic which worsens at night, we are doing fine and I love been a mother. Knowing that my little cute face trust me to be the “best mum” is enough for me to want to be the best mum to him.

Image source : Purpose Kids



  1. My daughter was colic as well (from acid reflux) I honestly thought these sleepless days/nights were never going to end. Things that really helped us were propping her bassinet up 30 degrees, feeding more upright, giving massages to her tummy and making a bike motion with her legs to push the gas out. You will sleep again! It’s amazing what the body can endure. Enjoy the journey x

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    • Thanks, I tried all the above…..lucky it got better with


  2. chika

    Its not easy but they are so worth it.


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