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I use to have a best friend called Sleep


I first met Sleep a long time ago. She was one of those friends that looks like you have known all your life – in this case it was totally true.

At various stages in my life I have had many friends some of whom after a while we sadly had nothing in common to maintain the friendship. For other relationships, distance made it impossible to maintain; but not Sleep. I became a workaholic and lost touch with most of my friends, hobbies and family but somehow the connection with sleep was still strong and somehow we still met to hang together.

We’ve remained best friends for like forever. Even when I was away at boarding school – far, far away from home experiencing my first taste of a little freedom. When I acquired more freedom at university and stayed up all night cramming how to derive Schrodinger’s quantum equations, we still remained best of friends.

topic-1330781289 Image source:umumble

Our friendship seemed too strong to be broken by any circumstances when we remained friends despite the introduction of my certification programme to my workaholic existence. So that was it – we had earned the title BFF as I thought that had to be the hottest furnace our friendship could encounter!

Then I had my little cute face and I lost my best friend that had stayed with me all through my existence. Sleep whenever you are, I just want to tell that I still love you and miss you badly.

I hope this is just a break and some day in the future we will become best friends again .We will once more be able to communicate and hangout anytime we feel like without you having to book appointments to see me.




  1. Oh, so true. Sleep flits in and out of my life too – it’s so painful not being able to spend time with something you love so dearly!

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  2. isi

    Hahaha, sleep o sleep


  3. Sleep is luxury when you become a mother.

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    • So true, i even worry in my sleep if my little cute face is okay and safe…….Motherhood is so beautiful in a funny way


  4. I’ve given up on sleep now after I’ve had my first.. honestly, its a really luxury… 😦


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