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An open letter to Mr Colic


Dear Mr Colic,

I hope I got your title right? I was not sure of your sex or the title you prefer to answer but I have to guess you might be a man from the way you grip my son. I only newly discovered your existence when my four day old son kept clenching his fist, drawing his knees to his tummy and Big Aunty said you were the cause.

At first, I dismissed it thinking it was normal babies’ behaviour and that you were an old wife’s tale to scare new mothers like me. After all if you exist why have I not heard of it from experienced moms or at my prenatal classes?

By week two, my baby was crying all night in additional to clenching and arching his back. I tried breastfeeding and giving him formula but my baby would not calm down nor sleep. After a few days of not sleeping, I started to believe your existence and consulted my general adviser – Mr Internet!

Mr Internet, who claims to know all confirmed your existence but my Lovely Hubby (LH) still would not believe and needed more confirmation. So after another sleepless night, we rushed to the hospital desperate to confirm your existence and how to appease you.

We must have looked a fright in the hospital as the toll of not sleeping for days was telling on us (me especially as LH sneaked to sleep once in a while in another room). The doctor finally saw us and confirmed your existence. She also gave us the bad news – you could stay for the next four months despite our peace offering!

Please Mr Colic, have pity on my son. Look at his fragile body, listen to his cries and have mercy. Accept our gift of simeticone – colic relief drops – and leave us alone so we could be the restful family we used to be.

Thank you



  1. isi

    Colic is usually one of the first real hurdle for new parents to overcome. My daughter had it till she was about three months and it was not funny.

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  2. Titi

    Lovely, mr colio please reply

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  3. Sandra

    Mr colio o

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